The life of a person depends upon career or business he/ she chooses for earning, at the right time with the right investment. There is no doubt that hard work and business skills are the key to success, but somewhere your success depends upon your fate. Job or business which is better for your destiny is the most confusing decision for a person to make. We always want that our quality time never wastes in performing experiments. Job and business both are better in their own ways but in some cases some persons are made for job and some are made for career. In terms of income, investment, risk, workload, satisfaction, etc which field is to be choosen as career can be clearly analysed here.

If you have long middle section of Index Finger, then this indicates that you are quite motivated and dedicated towards your goals. You have good leadership qualities and have strong desire to complete your targeted work. Also you are talented and creative enough for achievement in any field.

If angle between your thumb and index finger is wide then this is the proper symbol of success and achievements. It also indicates inner power means you can handle any difficult tasks without wasting any time which results in success only.

If you have long fate line from base of the palm towards index finger base then it indicates high energy and ambitious person. It means if you once succeed in any challenging task, you can guide others also. You are a hard working person who never give up on his work and other people want to acquire the same qualities from you.