Hand or palm reading in palmistry is to examine an individual’s personalities, physical and emotional well being, career, money and most important is your destiny depending upon the different and various lines contained within the palm. When palmistry experts observe the hands of any person, they can reveal a lot about that person’s life related to his past, present and future. The lines within the palm or hastrekha of a person try to convey various key points of different phases of that person’s luck and life. Hand reading can be proved beneficial when it comes to take important decisions in your life. Also there are some solutions for each and every problem a person is going through. The revealing lines and palmistry experts, both can help a person to transform their weakest phase into strongest phase of their life.

The different lines present in the palm of your hand represents different planets like Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. Each of these planets have different significance and meaning along with the lines present in the palm of the hand. Each and every line represents some positive or some negative points. Any mark, cut, curve in the line or formation of various lines indicates how smooth and flexible a person’s life will be.

If we prepare the horoscope of a person very accurately, we will find huge similarities between the characteristics of that person and his palm lines. Therefore, to observe an important prediction from the horoscope of a person, the astrology expert can also take a view of the palm of the concerned person. That will help the astrology expert to predict more deeply and accurately. People who don’t know about their birth profile can take help of palmistry for further predictions.

No two people or their lines within the palm are same. All persons are unique, and their hands express individuality. The palm reading is proposed to offer just a small piece of the whole, a sampling of what you can find out about yourself.

By analyzing the dominant hand (the one we use to write), we can observe our potentials including our motive to change and improve. The non-dominant hand reveals our past habits, including our genetic tendency. We can think of the lines of the palm of our hand as a computer printout of our thought process that change as our attitudes and actions in life change.

A palmistry expert can observe various phases of a person’s life by analyzing the lines of palm of the concerned person. A palmistry practitioner will begin by examining both hands. For a right-handed person, the left hand is considered as the ‘birth hand’, which shows inherited tendency of character, while the right hand is believed to reflect flexibility, individuality and potential. For a left-handed person, the reverse would be true.

In palm or hand reading, the shape and size of fingers also plays an important role. The brief description of fingers is as follows:


The length of the fingers reveals a lot of information about the personality of a person. A person having long-fingers is logical and studious, liking to study things deeply. A person having short fingers is very practical and sensitive, liking to go with their gut intuition. When the hands of a person are in proportion then it indicate a balanced personality. The relation of each finger with one other is very significant. They each mark a different character and represent its strength. Each finger has different indications which are shown below.

  • When the forefinger reaches the base of the nail of the middle finger, then a balanced ego is indicated.
  • When the ring finger reaches the base of the nail of the middle finger, balanced emotions are indicated.
  • When the fore finger reaches past the base of the nail of the middle finger, great confidence is indicated.
  • When the ring finger reaches past the base of the nail of the middle finger, very emotional and creative impulses are indicated.
  • When the fore finger doesn’t reach past the base of the nail of the middle finger, a lack of confidence is indicated.
  • When the ring finger doesn’t reach past the bottom of the nail of the middle finger, blocked emotions are indicated.
  • When the middle finger is high up, standing out from the rest, it indicates a serious and intense nature.
  • When the little finger stands out naturally from your hand it indicates an independent and outspoken nature.


Signs found on fingers are of great meaning to a palmist expert. They have great importance in Criminology. The character and the nature of a person can be observed fully. His/her individuality can be implicit with the help of these signs. These signs are:

Arch: The person who have arch on their fingers are basically lazy and of doubtful nature. They have lack of confidence for themselves and also for others. They build an atmosphere of illusion around them. They get special success in spiritual works and detective services.

Tent: Tent like sign on the phalanges of fingers of some persons shows that they are kind-hearted and rise very high by means of their artistic talents. They also take undue advantage of others. They are unbalanced mentally and their family life is troublesome.

Javelin: If a sign of Javelin or an arrow in the first phalange of the finger is available, then the person is very capable and learned from an intellectual point of view. Such persons always succeed in adverse conditions and win over the conditions and are capable of working hard according to the atmosphere. Such persons may have heart problems in their old age.

Circle: If sign of circle on fingers is available then it is considered as auspicious. Such persons are independent in their thoughts and originality is their key point. They do not believe in old beliefs and traditions.

Triangle: The sign of triangle on finger indicates a mysterious man. Such persons are capable to make their bodies strong by practicing exercise and yoga. They are loneliness lover and are orthodox.

Length of Fingers and its symbol

  • A natural leader is indicated by long index finger. They are used to be more responsible and have high moral values for themselves and others.
  • A lower self-esteem is indicated by a short index finger. They may find difficulties in expressing their true feelings and thoughts. They are more likely to suffer from health issues such as smoking, alcoholism or unhealthy eating habits.
  • A difference between the dominant and non-dominant hands shows a difference in attitude between career (active hand) and family (passive hand).
  • Good communication skills is the best quality of the one who have a long pinkie finger
  • Persons who have a short pinkie finger indicates a difficulty in expressing themselves.
  • A lower ability to stick things out when they get tough is indicated by the one’s who have short thumbs.
  • Long thumbs represent high levels of self discipline and perseverance.