Having our own house is the dream of everyone. But not everyone can afford this. When you will have your own house, which house or which place of house is better for your upcoming life, which property can be beneficial for you, when to purchase and when to sell property are the different queries which arise in minds of various people today. Having house of your own means you are secure and safe. Astrology can provide you clear and deep analysis of buying and selling of different properties and which property to buy with limited money at what time at which place.

House is one of the basic necessity of human. Each and every person have dream to have his own House which will be his asset. But in today scenario, desires are increasing with the prices and most of the people are not able to fulfill their basic necessities also. All are not lucky enough to fulfill all their dreams. Mainly the desire of owning own Home. As property prices are sky high most of the people can’t afford it with their limited income. But if one is lucky enough to own his own house then money does not matter as universe itself arrange things to happen. From Astrology one can know about his desires of when and if he can own his own Home or not. Some rules and predictions of astrology can guide several persons to take a right decision at the right time.

Immovable properties like lands, fields, home etc is indicated by planet mars. If a person is having a healthy mount of major lines without any cut or cross then the person will have these properties. This person can start business of farming, agriculture, fisheries, vegetables which results in great amount of success and money. That person can expand his small business in this field into a huge business

4th house is related with House, property, Luxury, Living, happiness, foreign travel, vehicles etc. The Planet Venus is the sign of Comfort, material pleasure and achievement. If planet Venus and fourth house of the horoscope is in good situation in the horoscope of the person then undoubtedly that person will have all the comfortable life. This is most accurate & common principle of astrology.

If the lord of the fourth house gets more than six line then the person will have pleasure of big house.

4th house is one of the quadrants that have ability which can make a person to have rajayoga. Alongwith 4th house Moon and Cancer sign also important for property related matters. For 4th house Venus is karak for vehicle and Mars is karak of property. So Mars, Saturn, 4th lord, and planets making correlation with 4th are responsible for property matters.3rd house also have importance in this regard as it is 12th to 4th indicates loss of 4th. Benefits in 3rd and strong 4th lord in Kendra or kona or in 11th may provide big bunglow to the person. 11th house is karak house for expand of property and completion of each dream. 12th house is related with the expenses incurred during the purchase of property. Mars is Bhumi Putra and Saturn is also related to property matters /plot /construction. 4th connection with 12th native make his own property rather than inherited. 8th connection with 11th n Jupiter person get inherited property. 4thconnection with ascendant person may have more than one property.

If Venus is unfavourable, affected by malicious planets (Sun, Mars, Rahu, Ketu, Saturn) or harmed then it is quite possible that the person will be unable to use his own assets of pleasure, happiness & comforts. The other people like his relatives or friends use his wealth & assets.

The person will have to suffer due to house if the fourth house of the horoscope is affected from the Mars, Rahu, and Saturn. The house in which he lives will have the countless problems. Or we can say, whenever the matter of house comes he will never get a sigh of relief. That person never experiences the peace in his house when the lord of fourth house located with Mercury & Rahu.

If Mars and 4th house are weak or badly located then the person might not have his own house. Correlation of 4th lord with 12th might take person to another land or person have to live in a someone’s house at rent depending on other planets position. If Mars and 4th strong then person will have his own house but if associated to bad houses he might face unhappiness from house.

Planets connected to 4th house also indicates about the kind of house a person will have. L Moon represents new house, mercury reresents house would be artistic, Jupiter gives strong n durable house while Rahu indicates old house.