It is true to some extent that marriages are fixed in heaven by God, but destiny has its own ways. Palmists can observe very carefully about marriage timing, arrange or love marriage, relationship with spouse, childrens in marriage and many more queries related to future married life.

Marriage line can be observed on the sides of the palm immediately below the little finger. The different formation of these lines below the little finger represents different facts. If this line is straight, long and deep, then this indicates a strong marriage opportunity according to traditional palmists.

Reading the palmistry marriage line in a male’s hand or female’s hand is very simple and fascinating which shows the marriage life of a person. Marriage lines can be situated on the sides of the palm immediately under the pinky (little) finger. An individual might have one or more marriage lines or might not have a marriage line. For males left hand is considered for marriage line and for females right hand is considered for marriage line. Here we are providing the different analysis of the different types of marriage lines.

You shall be happier in your marriage if your marriage line is curved towards upside. This means that you will have very few troubles in your marriage and your family life will be the happiest one. Your spouse loves you more than you love your spouse. If a proposed match has the same type of line, then it can be the best match you are searching for and you should never let that match go off.

If marriage line is curving downwards then this is a clear sign of an unsuccessful or unhappy marriage. It also represents that you will face many troubles in your future married life. Those who are singles and have this same line, then it shows that person is pessimistic about marriage and do not believe in marriage. Those who are married and have this same kind of line need to work upon on their married life. They must take a look on their relationship with their partner and make the required changes to lead a peaceful and prosperous life.

If your marriage line is going down to cut the heart line, then this means your married life is empty. Those who are single with this arrangement, then it indicate that you do not believe in marriage.

If a person has a long marriage line with a vertical line crossing it below the ring finger, then it indicates that the person will have a happy marriage with his/her partner enjoying a prosperous life. Their marriage can make them rich. If their spouse is not rich presently, then that person will grow rich after the marriage or they might face brilliant career prospects after marriage.

If a person has more than one short marriage lines, then that person is often prone to one-sided love.

If a person has a couple of lines crossing each other, then it represents an irresponsible approach towards love and he/she keep searching for new partners.

If a person’s marriage line has split end, then that person will await a divorce in his/her marriage.

If any person has split line with another line continuing, then those person might get back after their separation or might marry any of his/her ex-partners. They tend to get back their past love once again and relive it.

If two lines converging into one, then marriage of a person will be unduly delayed. That person might have long relationship without ending in marriage. If this arrangement is found in their partner’s palm, then they have to be prepared to wait for so long to get married.

If there is any cut in this line or there is any formation of fork like shape in the line, then it indicates a divorce in the relationship. When marriage line combines with heart line, it represents love marriage but at the risk of separation.

If men have vertical lines above marriage line, then he is a energetic man and have a very strong sexual drive.

If there is no marriage line, then it doesn’t mean that marriage is not in your destiny. It means you might have other strong interests in your life.

A person may have one line, multiple lines or even no lines of marriage.
In few cases, marriage lines may come into existence very late ie in mid 30s or even later which shows late marriage.