Astrology is the study of movement of stars and planets and their effect on an individual’s life. The location and time of position of different stars and planets have a great effect on the present and future of a person. So astrologer can examine a person’s birth date and time clearly and deeply and can tell us a lot about behaviours and fortune of that person.  Different configurations and movements of planets have great impact on the mental, physical and emotional states of an individual.

According to ancient astrologers, the will of Gods is represented by different locations of different planets and their connection with people. By understanding the logic behind movement of these planets, experts can tell fortune of various people. The nine planets known as navgraha includes the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Saturn; furthermore, the other planets are Rahu and Ketu. Here is the small description of all these nine planets.

  1. The Sun

The sun is the source of life for the solar system which represents the confidence, personal power, pride, creativity, conscious mind, will, ego, leadership and authority. It overpowers important people, royalty, and the head of state.


  1. The Moon

The moon is the complement of the Sun. which represents our feelings, instincts, moods, subconscious mind, habits, reflections, and aspirations. It also signifies fluctuation, the common people, their needs and perceptual mind, emotions, nurturing, family, the public, protecting.


  1. Mars

Mars is the red planet. It represents active, energetic and impulsive people. It is a planet which represents adventure, confidence, strength, enthusiasm, courage, aggression, ambition and mechanical skill. It brings violence, war, quarrels and accidents.


  1. Venus

Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus and Libra. It is the goddess of love and beauty which is associated with principle of beauty affections, resilience, harmony, equality and sympathetic attitude.


  1. Mercury

Mercury is the smallest and fastest planet which is restless, inventive and curious. It represents writing, media, thought, communication, mobility and education. It also signifies knowledge, youth, speech, language, discrimination, logic, marketing, intelligence, understanding and civil servants.


  1. Jupiter

Jupiter is the biggest planet which rules Sagittarius and Pisces. As per astrologers, it symbolizes principles of growth, expansion, good luck and freedom. It rules business, wealth and career


  1. Saturn

Saturn is the ringed planet and also ruling planet of Capricorn and Aquarius. Astrologers says this planet represents precision, ethics, focus, dedication, virtue and purpose. It also signifies depression, poverty, restriction and misfortune.


  1. Rahu

Rahu is the astrology planet which has no physical existance. It is a negative planet which symbolizes material karma, psychology, worldly desires, fear, doubt, laziness, crime, alcohol, separation, drugs, hurdles, adversities, harsh speech and many more negative qualities.


  1. Ketu

Ketu rules Scorpio and is friendly with Saturn, Mercury and Venus .It represents loss, sleep, confusion, rejection, spiritual tendencies and non-attachment to worldly desires.