Numerology is the study of numbers which is related to a person’s date of birth and can reveal various key points, characteristics and important phases of that person’s life. Numerology experts can help you in making important decisions related to your career, relationship, investing money, etc. The numbers which are used to predict a person’s coinciding events have their own positive or negative vibrations on his/her life. Numerology deals with nine numbers and its association with major nine planets Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus.

The interest of humans for numbers has increased over the years and numbers has become more than an entity of mathematics which were used in calculations and counting. Now, numbers have proven as a way to observe the characteristics and future of a person. The study of using numbers with logical mathematical calculations to derive fortune of a person is known as Numerology.

Numerology is a belief  in the divine and magical relationship between numbers. It is all about the study of numerical value of  letters in a person’s names as every alphabet has a associated number.

Numerology is a science, which can disclose the various phases of a person’s  life more accurately and efficiently. It can reveal inner self of a person may be it is love, career, happiness, health, wealth or success that describes the personality and fortune of an individual. It can guide you how to make best use of strengths and how to overcome the weakness.

According to the ancient belief, fate of  people can be observed by the numbers that are associated with them  like their name and date of birth. Even a lucky number of a person can be determined with the help of numerology.

How to calculate Birth Number

‐If a person was born on 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th of any month, then his/her birth number is 1.
‐If a person was born on 2nd, 11th, 20th or 29th of any month, then his/her birth number is 2.
‐If a person was born on 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th of any month, then his/her birth number is 3.
‐If a person was born on 4th, 13th, 22nd or 31st of any month, then his/her birth number is 4.
‐If a person was born on 5th, 14th or 23rd of any month, then his/her birth number is 5.
‐If a person was born on 6th, 15th or 24th of any month, then his/her birth number is 6.
‐If a person was born on 7th, 16th or 25th of any month, then his/her birth number is 7.
‐If a person was born on 8th, 17th or 26th of any month, then his/her birth number is 8.
‐If a person was born on 9th, 18th or 27th of any month, then his/her birth number is 9.

The birth date number which is also called psychic number or ruling number indicates nature and traits of people. The birth date number comes by adding the birth date number. For example, 29 = 2+9 =11=1+1=2. So 2 is the birth number.

How to calculate Life Path Number

‐Firstly, reduce each number of your birth date ie day, month, year, to a single-digit number or a Master number. Master numbers are 11, 22 and 33.

Next, add each of the resulting single digits together and again reduce the total to a single digit, or a Master number.
‐For example, if you were born on  November 19, 1982, you can calculate your Life Path or Birth Number as follows:
‐Month: November  is the 11th month of the year.11  reduces to 2 (1 + 1 = 2).
‐Day: The date of birth is 19. 19 reduces to 1 (1 + 9 = 10), then 1+0 = 1
‐Year: The year of birth is 1982. 1982 reduces to 2 (1 + 9 + 8 + 2 = 20), then 2 + 0 = 2
‐Now add the resulting single-digit numbers: 2 + 1 + 2 = 5
‐Now your Numerology Life Path Number = 5

Now lets start for a better understanding of an individual through numerology.

  1. Number 1   Number 1 is associated with planet Mercury. People whose birth date is 1 are focused, self-starter, strong-willed, courageous, independent and have leadership qualities. On the other hand , they are also selfish, undisciplined, stubborn and weak.
  1. Number 2   Number 2 is associated with planet Moon. People whose birth date is 2 are basically peacemakers, patient, studious, cooperative, tactful, diplomatic and sensual. On the other hand, they are also lazy, careless and are oversensitive when criticized for their faults.
  1. Number 3   Number 3 is associated with planet Venus. People whose birth date is 3 are optimistic, joyful, imaginative, artists, talented and good communicators. On the other hand, they are also extravagant, hypocratic, impatient and prone to complaining.
  1. Number 4    Number 4 is associated with planet Aries. People whose birth date is 4 are strong, reliable, hard working, precise, down to earth, devoted and stable. On the other hand , they are also sometimes boring.
  1. Number 5    Number 5 is associated with planet Taurus. People whose birth date is 5 are basically social, curious, witty, courageous, freedom loving, energetic, flexible and daring. On the other hand, they are also irresponsible, chaotic, unstable and careless.
  1. Number 6    Number 6 is associated with planet Gemini. People whose birth date is 6 are loyal, sympathetic, idealistic healers, loving, protective, responsible and compassionate. On the other hand, they are also suspicious, jealous, cynical, anxious and emotionally unstable.
  1. Number 7    Number 7 is associated with planet Cancer and it’s a lucky number People whose birth date is 7 are basically knowledgeable, studious, intelligent, serious, focused, spiritual and wiser. On the other hand, they can be backstabbers.
  1. Number 8    Number 8 is associated with planet Leo. People whose birth date is 8 are business minded, dominant, efficient, balanced, successful, realistic and have good management skills. On the other hand, they are also greedy, violent, insensitive and cruel.
  1. Number 9    Number 9 is associated with planet Virgo. People whose birth date is 9 are cooperative, helpful, proud, self sufficient, generous, creative and sophisticated. On the other hand, they are also fickle, arrogant, mentally unstable, discontent and egocentric.

Benefits Of Numerology

‐ Numerology can be used in daily lives and can be very helpful in overcoming the hurdles that seem to occur in the coming future.
‐ You can discover simple ways to increase positive energy with Numerology
‐ Numerology can help you find easy and many ways to decrease stress.
‐ You can learn how to use  your abilities and strengths.
‐ You can find different ways to overcome with your weaknesses through Numerology.
‐ You can know the secrets of your personality with Numerology.
‐ Numerology can help you to build new relationships and maintain the existing ones.
‐ With the help of numerology, you can find your lucky numbers based on your birth-date.
‐ With Numerology, you can get your car number, mobile number, address, important dates and other important things to obtain maximum benefits.

At last, the key point of the relationship between numbers and human personality is that they are logically and inherently connected. Each and every digit in numerology has a specific meaning which can be easily related to the existence of events and things happening in one’s  life.

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