Palmistry also known as hand reading is the study of the lines within the palm of an individual through which you can know about your fortune and future. The formation and size of the lines of the palm can reveal a lot about traits and personality of a person. Also it can represent the various positive and negative phases of one’s life. It is also called palm reading. Although hard work is the key to success, nothing can replace it, but there is some luck or your destiny which can be observed by the formation of the lines contained in your palm. The persons who know all about the palmistry are known as palmists, hand analysts and palm or hand readers.

Let’s start what is the meaning of each and every lines contained in the palm and fingers of an individual according to palmistry.

  • Fate Line

Fate line is one of the major palmistry line which everyone wants to know about. It is the vertical line that starts from the palm area base towards the middle finger base. This fate line is a straight long line without any curve or breakage.

If you have this fate line, that means you are lucky enough to get an excellent income from any business or anything you do for a living. It means you have great capability to start up any business or career and can manage it skilfully. But it requires hard work and dedication. Moreover fate line also means leading a peaceful, successful and royal life.

  • Marriage line

Marriage line is another interesting line in palmistry. Marriage line can be observed on the sides of the palm immediately below the little finger. The different formation of these lines below the little finger represents different facts. If this line is straight, long and deep, then this indicates a strong marriage opportunity according to traditional palmists.

If marriage line is curving upwards, then the marriage will be full of happiness and love. On the other side, if the marriage line is curving downwards, it indicates unsuccessful marriage. If there is any cut in this line or there is any formation of fork like shape in the line, then it indicates a divorce in the relationship. When marriage line combines with heart line, it represents love marriage but at the risk of separation.


  • Life line

Another line on the individual’s palm is life line which starts between the index finger and the thumb and goes downward towards the joint of palm with wrist. This line does not represent about the long life or death  time of a person. In fact, this line tells about health life of a person. It also indicates about physical and emotional well-being of an individual.


  • Heart Line

Heart line also known as love line begins from the edge of the palm below the little or pinky finger and continued towards the middle finger or index finger or the joint of these two fingers. Heart line tells us about relationships, love life and feelings of an individual for others. If the heart line ends below the middle finger then it indicates good qualities like leadership, intelligence, decision making and independent. If heart line ends below index finger then it means you are happy and confident in your relationships. If heart line ends below the joint between the middle finger and index finger then it means you fall for someone very quickly. It also indicates that you are kind, understanding, soft hearted and honest.